Funding Policies

It is the policy of the Piñon Foundation to identify and support programs, organizations and institutions that promote the education, health and well-being for children and the elderly within the granting areas. Only 501(c)(3) organizations or an equivalent may apply.


The Piñon Foundation will relaunch our Grant Application Program in 2018. You are invited to submit grant applications once again beginning January 15th, 2018. For questions pertaining to current grant application status or future grant application eligibility please email


Foundation funds may not be used for:

  • Items for which third-party reimbursement is available;
  • Research on unapproved drug therapies and devices;
  • Grants to individuals as opposed to institutions / organizations
  • Brick and Mortar payments


Giving Areas

While preference is given to organizations in the Panhandle and Permian Basin of West Texas, the Dallas Fort Worth area and the Oklahoma City metropolitan, we recognize that such organizations located outside of these areas can also have a beneficial impact on the economic, social and cultural growth and development; therefore, we will entertain grant request from other locations.



You may apply for a Grant using the link below. You will have an option to apply on-line or print the application. After you submit your application, we will send you an acknowledgment within two weeks. We carefully review every application. Within six weeks of receipt of your proposal, you will receive one of the following:

  • A letter informing you that your project will be funded;
  • A request for additional information; or
  • A letter informing you that your project will not be funded.

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