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Scholarship Purpose:
The Piñon Foundation has created the Piñon Scholarship Program to assist the Fort Stockton High School and Sanderson High School graduates with the costs of higher education. The Foundation hopes to encourage students’ completion of higher education programs with this scholarship opportunity.


Please review complete application details before applying. You can apply online or by mail. Submit the online application form and upload supporting materials. Or you may mail the completed application and all supporting materials in one envelope to Piñon Foundation, Re: Scholarship Program, PO Box 1989, Addison, TX 75001. Applications can be downloaded below. Contact info@pinonfoundation.org for more information.



The scholarships will be available to recent graduates of Fort Stockton High School and Sanderson High School who have successfully been accepted into a college or university along with proof of enrollment into such school. Recipients will receive a scholarship advance of $1000 to assist with the first semester’s tuition by completing this application prior to the beginning of classes. Upon completion of their first semester of higher education, scholarship recipients may be eligible to apply for the Piñon Foundation Reimbursement Scholarship to further assist with tuition fees.


First Semester $1000. Up to $2200 each semester.

*scholarship amount depends on GPA and credit hours earned

*maximum amount given $16,400


Fall Scholarships

Fall 2019 Semester – Due August 9th 2019

Fall 2020 Semester – Due August 14th 2020


Spring Scholarships

Spring 2019 Semester – Due January 19th 2019

Spring 2020 Semester – Due January 17th 2020

 *Scholarship applications will be denied if all information has not been received by the deadline. Please forward completed Reimbursement Forms and Current Official Transcript as soon as possible after grades have been released to ensure prompt payment to the school for upcoming semesters.



  • Student must attend an accredited college, university, technical school, community college or junior college
  • Student may be sponsored up to 150 hours for undergraduate credits or up to 6 years after high school graduation with a maximum of 8 semesters
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA per semester
  • A completed “Scholarship Reimbursement Form” and current Official Transcript from the students university. Unofficial transcripts will be denied
  • Students must provide confirmation of enrollment each semester, as the payment of scholarship will be made directly to the school



The scholarship amount will be based upon the Tuition Reimbursement Schedule, up to $2,200 per semester, for a maximum of 8 semesters or 150 hours. The scholarship reimbursement check will be issued directly to the institution of the student’s choice for use during the next semester. Prior to reimbursement, the Foundation must receive an official transcript with evidence of good standing from the previous semester, as well as proof of enrollment for the upcoming semester.

The scholarship may be used to cover the costs of tuition and fees, text books or room and board at an accredited college, university, technical school, community college or junior college.


Award DATE:
Scholarship awards will be processed biweekly.


Be sure to include the following with the completed online application:

1. For New Applicants - Official transcript from Fort Stockton High School or Sanderson High School.
    For Returning Applicants - Official University Transcript required.

2. Proof of enrollment at an accredited educational institution

3. Completed Piñon Foundation Scholarship Application


Mailing Address:

Piñon Foundation

Re: Scholarship Program

P.O. Box 1989

Addison, TX 75001




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