The Piñon Foundation began the Piñon Scholarship Program in 2010 for the benefit of Fort Stockton and Sanderson High Schools graduates. Scholarship recipients are required to continue their education on a collegiate level at whichever school they so choose. A scholarship advance is offered to new graduates and scholarship awards for subsequent semesters are based on award recipients' Grade Point Average (GPA) and total credit hours earned from the previous semester.


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Piñon Foundation Scholarship Application - New high school graduates applying for the first time with the Piñon Foundation Scholarship will complete the Pinion Foundation Scholarship Application by posted deadline to be eligible to receive scholarship advance. Returning college students that have completed at minimum their first semester are required to complete a new Pinion Foundation Scholarship Application each semester by posted deadline to be eligible to continue to receive scholarship award.




Piñon Foundation Scholarship Reimbursement Schedule - This schedule breaks down the dollar amount to be received based on GPA and credit hours earned for returning students. Students are to apply for the Piñon Foundation Scholarship each semester no later than the dates listed below.

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>> Piñon Foundation Scholarship Reimbursement Schedule <<

Piñon Foundation Scholarship Application Deadlines



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